KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid

Five days after setting up a blog, I am finally posting.

Why so long?

Because I had too many things I wanted to write about and couldn’t decide on one. So, after much ado, I decided to keep it simple and just introduce myself.

I am Christine Hanlon and I organize things.

This is my business, this is my life. My tag line is “To see beyond the mess”.  

Seeing beyond the mess means I see things in the “What if’s”. You see a storage shed full to the ceiling with file folders, I see a filing system that helps you retrieve files in seconds or minutes not days or weeks.  And I enjoy taking a “what if” and creating an “it is”.

My educational background is interior design and architecture. My work is experience encompasses food service; department store retail; interior design; architecture; landscape architecture; and all of the engineer disciplines except structural.  I volunteer at the local botanical garden, local dog park and ski club.

One of my core beliefs is in earth friendly sustainable practices. Organizing is my way to help the world and my clients achieve that goal. I think about problems in a holistic way, because problems are at least three dimensional. In the case of organization, there is no right or wrong, black or white answer…

Just Shades of Green