Come closer to the flame

The day was just like any other day, cloudy, dank, and dreary. A blah day all around, not sure if it is going to rain or snow, maybe something in between.

The streets of the city are full of people busseling about. They tug at their coats against the wind and the cold. Their expressions are neither happy nor sad, just like the weather, something in between.

The buildings that line the street are like frozen statues. Statues that at one time were vibrant threads in this weave called a city. Now these buildings are covered with a heavy wool blanket, incasing this place with a grey mood.


Come closer to the flame. It is as if the flame is speaking to you, come closer….

There, in the window, a single candle burning bright, bright enough to light the whole room beyond. Your mind says, that can’t be, but it is true. You move closer to the window. It is as if you can feel the warmth from the flame. You think to yourself again, that can’t be…The flame is just like any other flame, but it magically draws you closer. You stare at the candle and wonder why it is so special. Before you know it, you are inside the room with the candle. You don’t know how, and you really don’t care how you got there, all you know is that you are immersed in the scene.

There is so much activity, so much energy in this room! There must be a hundred people here, is it a party? All the activity is very over whelming. So many people, so much activity, how can this all happen without being total chaos? In fact, it is not chaotic at all, it is quite orderly and efficient. One action relating to the next like a Swiss watch.

Your assessment is abruptly interrupted by a hand on your arm and a voice saying, “Welcome! I have been waiting for you. Come, let me show you around. I can’t wait to show you how things are done here.”

And with that, you are lead off for the grand tour. The place is endless. Just when you think you have reached the end of a hall, more options pop up! And when you turn to start back, you find yourself already at the center. All the rooms are filled with activity and you realize that all the rooms are dedicated to one small part of a single subject.

You listen in on one room’s conversations. They are talking about silly thing like what they had for dinner last night, and how their dog’s made them laugh recently. They are also talking about what they are working on and how it relates to Joe next door. All the while, somewhere in the distance, you think you hear a chant, analyze, organize, communicate.

“So what do you think?

Stunned with all you have experienced you say, “The building looked pretty basic and small from the outside.”

“Yes, I get that a lot. That is why I put a candle in the window. I want to draw people to come in and experience how things can be run.”

Suddenly, you realize you are not in that warm, lively building anymore. Slowly your vision clears and you see you have been transported to a hotel lobby. Surrounded by people you really don’t know. The group has formed circle and each stranger has the chance to introduce themselves. Your eyes rest on a female across the room. No particular reason other than she is wearing the brightest color in the room. She steps forward to make her introduction.

“My name is Christine Hanlon and my company is Sage Organizing LLC….”

There it is! The flame! It is in the sparkle in her eye. It is the same light that brought you to the window.