30 Days of Blogging

Today has been one of those days, the time flies by and there isn’t much to show for it. We all have those days. And though I have big important things to work on, everything seems too big. I am changing my mood shifts about days like this. I am trying to be less critical and more supportive. I am realizing that the harder I am on myself, the longer it takes to become productive again. That doesn’t help anyone. Vicious circles suck.

One of the things that has put me into this lazy mood is figuring out that I am not notified when a fan posts on Sage Organizing Facebook page. What’s up with that? It bother me, because I want to be connected with my fan and potential clients, but may miss a post if it is on a subject from a couple of months earlier. There seems to be a  disconnect between social media and how businesses should be run. Now on the flip side of that coin, I never intended to have Facebook be my primary source of communication with my tribe, I wanted it to be a jumping off point. There is that vicious circle again.

So how do I connect with my tribe? I have spent a lot of time thinking about this, too much time indeed.  So as I was surfing the net, and messing around on Facebook, I came across a post by Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad. She posted an interview she just did with Connie Regan Green,  30 Day Blogging Challenge.



I thought, “This is a great idea. But I don’t want to wait to September. Kind of need to drive traffic now.”

I revisited the articles on Sage Organizing LLC page to see what I could write about. (One of the biggest problems I think we all have now a days is TOO much information.) No longer is the question, “To be or not to be” but “How do you weed through, all the ideas, the tips, the facts and the myths?” One of my share articles a while back was from zen habits – “30 tips for staying productive and sane while working from home.”


This is something I can write about, taking each of the tips and expanding them. I will be giving my point of view and strategies for make it sticky in our lives.

Creating an action plan.

I would love for you all to comment on each day’s blog. Try out the tips even if you are not “working” from home! Don’t be fooled, being a caregiver on the home front is just a tasking at working on the floor of the stock exchange! So, try on the ideas in the next thirty days.

See how they feel. Tell me what works and what doesn’t work. Comment of the blog page or shoot me an email at cjhanlon@sageorganizing.com. I really want to get a feel of what your core challenges are presently. For the next 30 days, writing a blog will be one of mine.

Until tomorrow!