Day 2: Get Your Blocks In A Row 

2. Set regular hours, and stick to the schedule. 

Who say running your own business would be fun? Really, did anyone say that? Why does it suck all the time out of my day? I have other things to do!!!! I am more than a business owner!!! 

Time management is one of the biggest hurdles a business owner faces next to money or lack there of. 

 I just got back from a lunch seminar entitled, “Smashing the Tyranny of the Urgent”. This talk given by Jim Roman, Business Owners Institute, and it was very timely for me, (pun intended). I have several things “cooking” with my business and my personally life. And even I have to ask myself, how am I going to get everything done. Jim states that to create balance, which we are all looking for, one must do a couple of things; 1. Create a space for working (covered in day 1). 2. Create a block schedule and stick to it. 3. Make sure others stick to it also. 

  • The “to do” list – Three lists actually; Servicing the client, Bringing in Business and Getting the Work Done. Split you list into these three lists and you start to see what really needs to be done first.

  • Create a calendar a month at a time. Create a month long rhythm to you schedule. This rhythm should work with you natural flow. I am more thinking productive in the mornings. The afternoon is more laid back and dreamy. Therefore, I will block off time mornings for brain intensive work where my visionary entrepreneur work will be done in the afternoons. Jim also states, if it fits, blocking off weeks at a time, I will meet with clients on the 1st and 3rd weeks….and so on.
  •  I am kind of glad this one came up early in my blogging. I am setting up a block schedule myself, and I will give you updates to how things are going. For me, the hard thing is: 

    When you are done with the day you are done. Pack up the shovels and the pails and leave the sand box. If you don’t respect you time, no one will else either. Huge I know, it is hard to let go, but really it will be there in the morning.   

    Day 2 of what? Check out my post “30 Day Challenge” to read the answer. 

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