Day 3: What Not To Wear

3. Don’t stay unshaved in pajamas. Instead, have breakfast, have a shower, get dressed. Then make a list of sensible tasks for the day and get started.

This tip reminded me of a commercial that is currently being air on TV. A perky young woman is standing in front of the camera with short PJ’s on and fuzzy slippers.  She says in a really cute voice, “I’m in my pajamas, but I’m not going to bed, I’m going to college!”

 Crawling out of bed and going to work in you PJ’s may actually be an indication of bigger problem. You don’t like what or how you are doing.  Clutter, even personal clutter, is just a manifestation of what is going on inside. 1. The next time you go to the grocery store look at the people.  2. Notice who seems happy and who seem sad. 3. Notice what they are wearing. Now I am not saying you have to wear board meeting attire everyday, just something clean.

I go to the gym in the morning. For some who know me, that may be a shock. But since I have been working at home I am finding that I really need that time sweating it out. On the days I don’t get to the gym I can almost feel myself shaking with energy. It is one of the few time I come close to not thinking, focusing on breathing and not falling down can do that to a person. So, staying in my gym clothes after the gym is well, gross.

Food on the other hand, I love food especially breakfast food. I just don’t like it early in the morning. Before gym I make juice and I have tea. For the most part, that carries me through to lunch. I have a small lunch away from the desk! This is a big one. This will be covered in later days. After working in fields that were deadline driven it is nice to take a lunch break. Do I take an hour, no but I do fix my lunch and sit at the dining room table and eat slowly. I will repeat that, eat slowly! Not only does it help with digestion, it helps the brain realize you have food in the stomach. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to clue into that fact. Just think about how much food you can consume when you are eating like it is a hot dog contest.

And last but not least, the tip says make a list sensible tasks to work on. Well, we already have that so now we are ready for work.

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Photo by The Learning Channel

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