Day 4: How Much Is 50 Minutes Costing You?

4. Close the door. It’ll be very easy to leave the door to whatever room or space you set apart to be your workplace open. Don’t do it. If the door is open, that represents something to you, and to your family. To you, it represents the idea that if it’s a bit tough, or you don’t feel like working today, you don’t have to. To your family, it represents the idea that Dad is around, and I can go and talk to him.

 Today’s topic may not be an organizing issue per say, I understand the principle behind. It takes 15 minutes to get into a flow of a task. It takes a worker 20 minutes to recover and refocus after one distraction.

10:00am – You sit down in front of the computer and open up Quickbooks with the intent of balance the business account. You have estimated that it will take you an hour to do it. It has been a month so you have to go through a mini lesson just to remember how to do things.

10:15am – You start to balance the business account.

10:30am – The dryer buzzes. You have to get up because the shirts and pants in this load will wrinkle and you don’t have time to iron. It takes you 10 minutes to fold the laundry. While you are up you make a pit stop and get some more coffee. Another 5 minutes.

10:45am – You sit down again in front of Quickbooks. Where was I? 20 minutes later, after kicking yourself because you need to focus.

11:05am – you begin again. You are not 5 minutes past the hour and you have done 15 minutes of work.

How much did 50 minutes cost you?

Please take as many distractions out of your work day as possible. If that means closing yourself in your room, than do it. And always schedule an hour and 15 minutes to every hour task you put on you to do list. This is building in a buffer.

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