Day 9: What Color Is Your Juice?

9. Start the day properly. Have a good breakfast, spend some time alone to just sit and do whatever. Relax, let your mind wander. Pray. Just make sure that your mind isn’t in the “I hate working” frame of mind. 

One of the real reasons we went into business for ourselves was because saw and worked in a system that didn’t work. The last thing we want to do is create a job that we hate working. Whether you work alone or not, make that time, shift the energy.  I hate problems being shoved in the face the second I start work, do you? Give yourself and others the time to get to the desk, get the coffee and sit down. Take that moment, stop, take a breath and think about what is important, I can wait……

 Now that you are back, let’s talk about breakfast. Like I have said before, love breakfast food just not for breakfast. But have something. I know my stomach doesn’t wake up until I am moving for a couple of hours, but I do have homemade juice. Love the juice. Have you ever had Naked Juice’s Green Machine? Well, I make that at home. It keeps me going for a couple of hours. Sometimes I will have cereal too, I just try to make it light. I am not a doctor, but I would advise to find something that works for you. Nothing is more distracting than a loud hungry stomach.

Today was a short one, but I hoped you enjoyed.

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