Day 10: Rock and a Hard Place

10. Have a good chair. Mesh backed ones, or good comfy leather perhaps. It’s worth spending some money on. 

 I worked many, many years for architects and interior designers. They always tried to spec the most expensive chair they could, but not necessary because it was better. And in most of my jobs, except retail, I spent a lot of time sitting, I know my chairs. I also know that I have never found one I really liked.  I haven’t felt comfortable in them.

Most office chairs in their lowest position rests at 18” to the floor. Most office desks are 29”-30” high. These two heights are to create a universal ratio. I am short, 5’-3”. Apparently, the length between the bend in my knee and the floor is short, (16.5”). So sitting the way I should in office chair creates a stress point at the back of my thighs, which can make the legs go numb. (Dining chairs are the same.) It also creates stress on my wrists because I am at the wrong angle for comfortable typing. So, I end up sitting on one or the other leg to boost myself up and if I am really trying to get something done, I sit cross-legged. Not a very pretty sight while wearing skirts and dresses. No wonder I tend to wander around a lot, I have to get the feeling back in my legs! As a result, I sit in a $20 IKEA chair. No, I will never spend a lot of money on an office chair.

For a time long ago, in a place far far away, I used to do administrative temping. I have been temping for this one company for about three months. It was a good company but it was a non-profit so office furniture was not really high on their list of important procurements. One day, I sat down in my chair, one with no arms, leaned a little back and the whole top half of the chair snapped off leaving the center spine stick straight up! I did not catch myself, and ended up impaling myself on the spine. I was very lucky, I must have turn enough to miss it hitting my spine and got the meat of my lower back. I also had a thick sweater on, so it softened the blow, but it still broke my skin and left a nasty bruise. The funny thing is I was working for doctors, so I was checked out right away! I was fine, but I tell you that story to get the point across.

It is not the cost of the chair that matters. It is how it feels to you, if you are not comfortable in it, it doesn’t work.  And don’t spend so much on a chair that when the day comes to replace it, you won’t because it cost so much!

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Photo courtesy of, Salvatore Vuono

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