Day 12: Scaling Mind, Body and Soul

12. Give yourself breaks. Don’t be locked in the room all the time. For every hour you work, have a 15-30 minute break. Give your mind time to digest what it’s just done, then come back. You’ll improve the quality of what you produce a hundredfold.

Is it me or do some of these tips seem to be contradicting themselves?

 One tip says close your office door so others know you are working, another states that you shouldn’t stop working because you are having a hard time, and today the tip suggests not locking yourself away and take 15 -30 minute EACH hour to let the mind digest. At that rate, you would be working up to 16 hours a day!

So which is right and wrong?

Like most things in life that involve all three, mind, body and soul, I don’t think there is a clear or simple answer. You have to find your own rhythm. Balance is the name of the game. It always has been the game. If you take nothing else from my 30 day challenge, please understand that being conscious about who, where, what, when, why and how we are here is the biggest achievement you can ever achieve. Don’t force yourself into someone else’s shoes, pants or shirts. It will not FEEL good and you will spend most of our time mentally whining about it.

I don’t think most really know how they feel about anything. They just go through life doing what they are told and following the person in front of them. Why are you working at home???? Because you wanted to break free from the rat race! You wanted to go off and do something for you or better yet something for others. And you felt you couldn’t achieve while working for the “big man”. Tap into that energy everyday!!!

Don’t know how to start or where to start? Just start, if need be, listed the things that you don’t want then look at the list and create corresponding positive wants for each point.

Do your research. Yes there is a lot of information out there. There are business coaches out that speak to the heart and mind, seek them out! I am working with one her name is Adela Rubio , she is amazing! She blends the wants of the heart with the mind of the outside world. Become an active member of your life!

Day 12 of what? Check out my post “30 Day Challenge” to read the answer.

Photo courtesy of, Filomena Scalise

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