Day 13: Are you Sticky or Jelling?

13. Don’t go back to work when you’ve finished. Had a great idea for a post? Fantastic, write down the basics on a note, and pin it up. Don’t go back to work when you’ve finished. 

While it finally happened, I have writer’s block! It just seem as though I have covered this tip before. So I will tell you a story instead.

 This past Christmas time my husband and I drove up to New England to see the family. We have grown accustomed to renting audio books from the library so we have something to pass the time other than playing animal, mineral, or vegetable.  One of the books we rented was called, “With One Lousy Free Packet of Seeds” by Lynn Truss. It is a quick moving murder mystery set in England.

I bring up the book because as I sat down to write all I could think of was about one of her charters. He was a man who made lists and who loved his sticky notes. He had sticky note reminders for everything and they were placed everywhere he could find a space. At one point as he sat alone with the cat, he made a note to feed the cat, then looked around for a place to “file it” somewhere and ended up putting it on the cat’s head! That poor hungry cat, if he had thumbs he would have fed himself.

It is great to have ideas! Thinking about doing something is great. Yes right it down, but the key is to act on them. Yes, file it and save it for later, waiting to work on an idea until the next work day may just shine new light on the idea. Acting on every idea may cost you a lot of time and energy if it hasn’t jelled enough. Time helps the jelling process. 

That just reminded me of the Dr. Scholl commercial. Sit back at the end of the day and enjoy the fact you have no commute!

Day 13 of what? Check out my post “30 Day Challenge” to read the answer.

Photo courtesy of, Suat Eman

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