Day 14: Perky Morning Person or Burning the Mid-night Oil?

14. Schedule, if possible, around your natural schedule. Some people peak in the morning, others in the afternoon, still others at the witching hour.

Wait just a minute, not tax schedule, natural schedule!

 Anyway, working around your natural schedule is one of the big benefits of working at home. Just keep in mind all the other tips still apply.

1. Think about the cycle you go through on a daily and weekly schedule.

2. Write down two lists: Hard Tasks and Easy Tasks

3. Work on the hard tasks when you are the most mentally alert.

4. Save tasks that are easy for the period where you feel sluggish.

This approach is less about what you like to do or not and more about how challenging they are for you to complete. What is the difference? Take for example, I love to organizing, I love to file but for me it isn’t mentally taxing. So I put off doing this activity to the end of the day or the end of the week. On the other hand, I love to mess around in photoshop, but it can become very mentally challenging when my knowledge doesn’t equal my vision. I know it is best for me to work on things of this nature in the morning when I am fresh.

This is a great technique but keep in mind that there will be changes to you set schedule. And when those changes happen don’t let them knock you off your game. This is a hard one to find balance with for me. My natural schedule affects my husband and my dog too. We are up at the crack of dawn but I am falling asleep by 9:00pm. Needless to say, my best work is done before 1:00pm.

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Photo courtesy of, Arvind Balaraman

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