Day 16: Nine Inch Nails or Bach

 16. Be careful what music you listen to while you work. Music, TV, the weather… Just about everything will influence your mood. Some you can’t change, some you can. Make sure that you surround yourself with things that will give you the best frame of mind for whatever you’re about to do.

In theory I don’t think there is any debate about this tip. We all have accepted that one’s music, background noise while they work varies not only from person to person but within in ourselves. It really does have to do with the task at hand.

Surprising for me now, I am usually in silence. The static nature of music can be very distracting for me while I am trying to come up with words. In the past, while I was drafting on the computer, I had to have music, and on some days, the louder the better. I would float between Nine Inch Nails and Bach. Quite the range when you stop to think about it, but it really did matter what and why I was doing the task at hand.

If you do work alone, you have complete control over what you hear, if you work with others a group decision has to come to an agreement. If you don’t like the band, say something, there are plenty of bands I will NOT listen to now because I didn’t say anything or offer suggestions.

I won’t name the artist, but her CD was played every time the owner of the CD was feeling blue and it was yucky weather outside.  Guess what, I think of crappy weather every time I hear any song by that artist. Another group I can listen to because all I can hear is the whiney voice of the lead singer.

Just as a side note, please don’t play the same CD over and over again! When I do listen to music, it is the classical station on cable. It creates background noise that is constant but not over bearing and there are not commercials to break the flow. I think the point is sound triggers energy shifts. This can be very powerful for the good and bad, choose your sound wisely.  

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Photo courtesy of, Filomera Scalise

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