Day 19: Is Eight Better than Five?

19. Don’t work an eight hour day. One reader works about 5 hours, in four blocks of an hour, with a 20 minute gap between each. If you do more than that, your attention might start to wander, you’ll be restless and your work won’t have it’s normal level of quality.

Yeah! This is the best tip yet! I don’t have to work eight hours! Wait, I am not, I am working twelve of sixteen. Something is not right here.

Time and time again we are talking about time. Maybe the real secret is….we should spend less time talking about it and more time using it. Maybe this tip has more girth than first I thought. And if we took some of the other lessons into account, this might just work. Let’s explore.

9:00am – 10:00am – One Full Hour of Work – one task or one part of a task

10:00am – 10:20am – Break – Get refill of drink, do laundry, etc.

10:20am – 11:20am – One Full Hour of Work

11:20am – 11:40am – Break

11:40am – 12:40pm – One Full Hour of Work

12:40pm – 1:00pm – Lunch

1:00pm – 2:00pm – One Full Hour of Work

2:00pm – End of the work day

Well, I have to say, I like the way it looks, but is it doable? Perhaps this is my next 30 day Challenge!!!! The biggest hurdle I see is how long tasks take to be done versus how long they really take to be done. We fool ourselves about time, which means we end up lying to ourselves and to others. So before we could implement this schedule, each task would have to be analyzed and assigned a length of time to do it. Then it would need to be placed into the schedule and nothing could wiggle the task out of it place holder.

As I write I can imagine the glossed over looks in my reader’s faces. This is clearly an advanced strategy to say the least. I don’t work like this myself, and yes it is hard to wrap my mind around it. Perhaps it will be my next challenge!

Day 19 of what? Check out my post “30 Day Challenge” to read the answer.

Photo courtesy of, Giovanni Sades

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