Day 20: USA! USA! It’s Not What You Think.

20. Designate certain days for certain work. For example: file everything on Friday afternoon, no later than Saturday morning. This allows you to walk out of your office for your “weekend” without feeling like you left work unfinished.

I have said this twice in one day, “With all the networking I am doing, when will I have the time to do the work when it comes in?” This something that is said by every business owner, the short-term solution is block scheduling.

 This is my block schedule that I am not using at the moment because I am working on networking all of the time.  Monday’s and Thursday’s will be for servicing the client. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s will be for networking or bring in business and Friday’s will be office days to do the basic maintenance things for the business.  As I said before, I am not using it right now for no other reason that I don’t have projects to work on. In reality, that is lame. This is the perfect time to start a new habit.

So why do we not use schedules? I think it is as simple as…we assume the other person is busier than you are and you want to accommodate their needs, so we keep our schedules wide open just in case. Hell, I did it to myself today. I had to meet and greet today, the day I was supposed to be in the office all day. And I couldn’t sleep last night so I got up in the middle of the night and revamped my blog! How many rules did I break doing that!!! LOL But admitting the problem is hardest part.

I think we should form a support group – USA, Un-Scheduled Anonymous! Now, would I be a leader or a member? How about both! Now, it is Friday afternoon so do your filing and take the weekend off. The office will be waiting for you on Monday!

Day 20 of what? Check out my post “30 Day Challenge” to read the answer.

Photo courtesy of, Arvind Bataraman

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