Day 21: Which Four Year Old Do You Have?

21. Set boundaries for those around you as well. Schedule your work time and make sure the kids and spouse know that you are unavailable for playing, chores, etc. during this time.

 A long time ago I was a dog walker, sitter and playtime supervisor. Great job, but at the time, didn’t quite paid the bills. Several of my clients were work at home types, and yet they still had me pick up their lovable pooches for a long walk or an hour run through the woods. At the time I thought these people were wasting their money. They were home how much time did a dog take out of the day. I knew children took a lot, but really your dog…

Now I sit in my office and have no one to distract me other than my dog. Yes, I get it now, a long walk or run through the woods buys you hours of work time. Dogs are like four year olds, when they want attention, they usually get it. My dog goes to daycare twice a week. And on the other days, when he is home with me, he is usually sleeping. Trust me, the price of day care is worth it!!!!! The bottom line is, when he needs attention I want to give it to him.

My husband in a way is the same way. I have mentioned in previous blogs that when he gets home, he want s me to be done. But on the off chance he is home during the day, I can’t work. It is like having a four year old around but he is playing with power tools. I must be on call.

This tip is hard, because you want to be supportive to your other responsibilities, but you have to be strong. If you don’t look out for your schedule who will?

Day 21 of what? Check out my post “30 Day Challenge” to read the answer.

Photo courtesy of, Jenna Mackenzie

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