Day 23: Yucky Numbers

23. Pay attention and crunch numbers with your accounts regularly. You are less inclined to watch television when you realize how much it can cost you to mess around. Put a reminder that “work NOT done = no money”.

Yuck, I don’t like this one, so much so I didn’t post yesterday.  If not checking e-mail is the hardest thing NOT to do, then crunching number is the hardest thing TO do. Yes, I know it is important, but…

The problem lies in the fact that if I crunch numbers all the time, I wouldn’t get anything else done. I will mentally and emotionally paralyze myself. Put another way, I worry and worry just brings on more worry. When I get into that mode, it can be hard to pick myself up and carry on. Money has a lot of negative feelings with it, something I have to work on, but for me I always feel a little like Scrooge counting his money in his warm office while everyone else is freezing.  I sure that is tall tale signs to a deep problem, but like I said, I am working on it.

But on the practical side, no one wants to be standing in grocery line and being told you don’t have enough money to buy your food, office supplies or anything else you are buying. Know you numbers is important. I have never claimed to be an accountant, but I know how quickly you can get into trouble when you don’t know your numbers.

Now, I would have to say though that I don’t watch TV during the day. Most of the time there is crap on anyways. I will admit, I can be sucked into the marathon playing of this show or that show, so I don’t even tempt myself.

Day 23 of what? Check out my post “30 Day Challenge” to read the answer.

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