Day 25: Rocks In The Hands Of Time

25. Track your time. One reader suggested a simple program called gtimelog ( You enter what you’ve done when you’ve completed it. It’s very simple and stays out of your way. At the end of the day, week, you can see a summary. It also allows you to break out work time vs. fun time in a simple manner.

 I want to first say that I am in the home stretch of my 30 day challenge. And it has been a week since I have sat down to write. So to track my time for this week, Blogging = 0 hours. Last week was filled with out-of-town company and small construction projects. And this week was spent thinking (worrying) about what hell I was doing. I can say is that we all have those days. I don’t think there is a given formula to get over the hump, but I wrote the following a while ago and it seem pretty sticky for me.

There are times when I am feeling confused and frustrated. And when I take to time to examine what is going on around I realize again and again that those time of uncertainly correspond to when I try to live someone else reality. It is like forcing a square peg and a round hole.”

 Enough said, on to tracking your time.

 In some professions you always have to keep track of your time, the design field is one of them. So this tip is an easy one to apply for me. There are lots of products out there, not just the above mentioned. If you have Quickbooks, you have the ability to track you time. You can also track you time just in Outlook, so please don’t think you have to buy another product.

The essence of the tip is to have evidence of how much time you spend on any given task. Tracked time can be a valuable tool for your business even if you don’t have to justify to your clients. Really knowing how much time it takes to bake a cake will determine how many cakes you can bake in a day. You want more cakes? Now you will know if you have to work more hours, streamline the process or hire an employee.

 The reason why most don’t track their time now is because they know what the numbers are they just don’t want to see. The bottom line is to be honest with your time no matter how painful it will be otherwise you are just hurting yourself.

 Day 25 of what? Check out my post “30 Day Challenge” to read the answer.

Photo courtesy of, Grar Codrin

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