Day 27: How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

27. Don’t allow work to consume your life. Easier said than done when working from home. Make sure you set limits for the amount of time you will work.

I do believe that this ship sailed off into the sunset a long time ago. I guessing it was about 1955, not to say I was around at that time but I do know it was an easier world to live in. I don’t think most of us know anything other than being consumed by our work. Have you ever stopped and thought about why people in 2010 and are of retiring age aren’t? I think the answer goes deeper than they can’t afford to in the current economic condition. They were the first generation that became consumed by the things they consumed. Have you ever heard of the term “consumer goods”?

The baby boomers didn’t invent “keeping up with the Jones”, but they did bring it to a monumental level.  Have you ever heard of Annie Leonard? She has made a short movie called “The Story of Stuff”. I am asking you to sit back and watch the movie. It is very eye opening! As you will see from the movie, it is quite a large circle, and I don’t really see it stopping unless we change our habits in a monumental way.

We have been taught that bigger is better, and to get better we have to work more. This works if you are hourly employee, but what about the millions that work salary jobs? The ones that work 60 or more a week and get pay for 40, how do they make it? Second job, freelancing? Isn’t this one of the main reasons most of us that are sit alone in our home office tried to get away from? And yet, it followed us. It followed us from the office cubical farms of corporate America and the non-existing respect of hourly jobs to you in your own home office.

Maybe the only way to stop the cycle of consuming jobs is to equate the new gadget with how long it will take to make the money to pay for it in cash.

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Photo courtesy of, Salvatore Vuono

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