Day 30: The End

30. Be grateful you’re working from home and not in some cubicle! That gratitude will motivate you to work harder, so you can continue to work from home.

“This is the end….” The Doors

Or is it? Thirty tips to keep you productive and sane while working at home. As I said before, I have learned a lot doing this challenge. It was hard for lots of different reasons. At the beginning it was technical difficulties with Word Press blog styles, photos, share buttons….the list is long. At the end, I lost focus and momentum and just thought I was repeating myself.

In the end…I have gained a lot of experience, knowledge, support and ideas for where I want to go from here. I think the topics where great and I am going to catalog them so we can read and reference just the tips we need. Our needs change and it would be good to have an index of the topics that we are struggling with at the moment!

My intent of this challenge was to break the suction that the everyday muck has us in working at home. I want to help others just get a notion of what is possible and help establish a plan for creating flow back into your work life.

Thank you for following!!

This is not the end, it is just the beginning!

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