Energy Shifts

What happens when the organizer feels unorganized?

She feels completely stressed. Not unlike any other profession, the facilitator of the good or service is the last to receive. I think we have all heard the expression, “the cobbler children have no shoes”. So to say I am a little disorganized would be an understatement. I do keep the physical clutter to a minimum, but the mental and emotional clutter have been out of control. This stresses me just as much as the next person.

Most of the clutter is centered on my business. At the root, is a realization that the service I want to provide and the service my potential clients need are two totally different things. I am not afraid to adjust it is just that I have old ideas and plans that seem to be working and new ideas that don’t seem to have a home yet. This bothers me because nothing seems to be fitting together and I really need them to jell. My anxiety brews and soon a meltdown is inevitable and I find myself crying over the fact that my laundry doesn’t smell clean even after I have just washed them! (Completely different story.) This is where I was Monday of this week.

This is the short list of what I NEEDED right away:

Simplicity, a plan, a hand to hold on to and someone who is only focused on me

It is a short list, it is a simple list but I had the hardest time communicating my needs while I was cry over my laundry. Luckily I had a few people who not only understood what I was going through but offer their help. They didn’t necessarily solve my problems but they were there to hold my hand and focus on me. This gave me the ability to make my own simplicity and my own plan.

In the next couple of weeks I will be working on some new packages that will work in conjunction with my new expanded services. These services are ones my former clients and potential clients are asking for and will shift my focus for Sage Organizing. I am very excited for what is in store! I see some great opportunities on the horizon and I can’t wait to get these ideas into products and go live!

So as always, I want to thank my support buddies; Marcus, Scarpa, Renee, Sus, Kelly and Adela. You all have helped me in ways I can’t begin to express. I hope you all realize that my appreciation of you can’t be contained in any physical form. Thanks for taking the ride with me on my journey!

PS – I bought all new laundry detergent, softer and dryer sheets! Things are truly smelling fresh everywhere in my life!

Photo by ME!

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