Kermit Was Wrong

Kermit was wrong, it IS easy to be green! O.K., maybe he is half wrong, let me explain.

Last night I went to a networking event call green drinks, This is an international group that gathers people together for a casual networking event, the common thread, people who are interested in sustainable practices. The professions represented run the gambit from architects and builders to farmers and marketing gurus, and just as the professions cover a large range, the range of interest varies too. But one of the biggest reasons why I love this networking group is that the common thread is outside of personal agendas and we are all interested in make the earth a better place to live.  

The venue for our November gathering was at a newly renovated house in Henrico County, Virginia. The house itself sits on a corner of two busy streets. And though the land is zoned as residential, it could have easily been re-zoned for commercial, the house could have been torn down and something horrid could have been built like a gas station. This of course is just my opinion, so I digress.

This isn’t your ancestors live off the land and off the grid shack in the woods. It is a small home, but it has form, (the purpose/plan was thought out) and it is completely functional! Not only does it have mainstream modern comforts like a wide screen TV and surround sound throughout the house, but it is running between 80%-100% off the grid! It is the best way to “stick it to the man” and still have your wide screen TV too! Have you ever seen an electric meter run backwards? It’s really cool!

This house is a showcase of how to achieve a more sustainable living environment and still shop at Home Depot! We are talking about practical solutions for real problems we are all facing. If you live in or around Richmond VA, you have to check this house out. It is open for tours, by appointment only. And I just got news that the owner wants to do open houses twice a week to get more people to see and get involved! Check my Facebook page for more updates.

If you don’t live in Richmond, I encourage you to check out the green drinks web site for a group close to you and see if there is a concept house and building near you experience great technology!

Kermit, the tide is turning, it is finally getting easier to be green!

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