Snakes Vs. Paper 2!

Yesterday I asked the simple question, which are scarier, snakes or a messy work spaces? Click here for the original post,

And I want to thank everyone who commented on the post. It seems as if I have opened up a great discussion. I will have to admit, I didn’t think it was such a vast subject until I really started trying to write more. And even though it did occur to me that some might ask why I was comparing the two to begin with, I plowed ahead, as I do often, without introducing myself or giving some background information.

I Christine Hanlon, own a company name Sage Organizing LLC in Richmond VA. I help people in their professional lives discover and create organizing systems that fit their needs so they can enjoy working on what they love to do instead of focusing on what I love to do, which is organizing.

When I am consulting with a client as a professional organizer, I am not just working with the physical things in one’s work space. I work with my clients to address the mental and emotional issues that are interwoven with the physical items in the space. I have had several clients express a wide range of emotions including, guilt, shame, apathy, grief, fear, frustration and anger towards themselves and their surroundings. Though I did not feel all of these emotions yesterday with the sighting of the snake, it did interest me that I did experience grief, fear, frustration and anger towards the situation.  

I see and feel how difficult it is for my clients to understand and work through these feelings. Was it any different from what I was feeling? I wanted to investigate to see if say fear brought on by a snake is completely different from fear brought on by the thought of cleaning up a messy office.

At the root of both events they both evoke mind/body and soul responses. Do I believe that there are similarities? Do I believe there are differences? The answer is yes both questions. Fear is the binding emotion between an unexpected visit of a snake at the gym and never-ending piles in a work space. Moving forward I am going to compare and contrast both the similarities and differences.

But this idea for investigation though seems much too big for a blog or a series of blogs, so I am re-thinking the whole thing and I am playing around with an E-Book. More about that later! Thank you for all your support thus far, it a great and exciting adventure!