I am …..

Now more than ever it seems “we” are drawing lines and identifying with one camp or another. I see it all around me and I see it in myself.

I have been taught that you need to claim yourself as this or that both in business and in our personal lives. But I hate labels, and to be honest, I identify with a lot of different types of people, places and things. Some say I am complicated, and my response is, “Yes, thank God for that.” I get to try and experience so many types of things only because I have a vast array of interests. That is the good thing.

The down side is I don’t seem to focus very well. This has muddied the waters for me while I have tried to find my uniqueness in the business world.  Business terms like Target Markets, Business Plans and Sales Strategies all seem so stiff and confining. This doesn’t mean I am not dead serious about Sage Organizing LLC, just the opposite. If you have met me and I have gone down the passionate “Everyone needs to be organized” path, there is no question that I am a serious business person.

But fitting in with one group or another usually spells out the kiss of dead for me.

First and foremost I am me. The one and only.

Below is a fun list of things that make up me. Please note that unlike product ingredients, what comes first on the list doesn’t necessary mean the biggest portion of the whole. All of these things make up the whole plus much more I didn’t think about at the time of the writing. All of these things are the way I interact with the people around me and this is how I can connect so deeply with so many.

I am ….

Introvert, Female, A natural blond, Left-handed, Short, Tired of being fat Chris, Actively trying to get rid of fat Chris, Dyslexic, ADD, Swedish, Norwegian, Irish, Mutt, From Connecticut, Scared about today, Scared about tomorrow, Funny, Weird, Hungry, Loves food, Loves to cook, Organized, Plays with her food, Plays in the dirt, Enjoys the outdoors, believe we have to protect the earth, Doesn’t water her lawn, Collect rain water, Compost, Loves cheese, Love bacon, Prefers salt over sugar, Loves beer, Listens to lots of different music, Lived in Boston, Lived in Atlanta, Lives in Richmond, Hate the winter, Wears glasses, Doesn’t have children, Prefers dogs, Someone who enjoys hanging out with my husband, HSP, Empathic, Intuitive, Bad proofreader and editor,  Sweats a lot, Make jewelry, Draw with color pencil, Sew, Photography, Designer, Leader, Key-role player, Able to read a map, Wants it to rain, Believes in Global Warming, Small business owner, Love Marcus, Love Scarpa, Love my family, Will go to bat for my friends and family, Loyal, Emotional, Smart, Wise, Smells BS from a mile away, responsible, Kind, Tough as nails, Creative, Less is More, Afraid to post this, Thinks with the left and the right sides of the brain, Cries during TV, movies and commercials, My own biggest competitor, Loves puzzles and problem solving, Dreamer, Doer, Libra, KI number 5, Soil, Centered…..

As you can see, I have a lot of ways I can relate, so you may agree with some, you may not, but that is the beauty of being unique.