Missing Wallet!

What would you do if you found a missing wallet in the
middle of the street?

What would you do if you lost your wallet?

Last night on an evening walk Marcus and I found just that, a wallet in the middle of the street. We opened it up to see if it belonged to anyone from the neighborhood. After much searching we found the man’s license and no, it did not belong to anyone we knew.

“I guess we are making a trip to the Police Department now.” I said disappointingly, I hadn’t had dinner yet. But I know how scary and stressing
it is to lose a wallet so the least we could do is have the Police track him

I not sure the owner of the wallet will agree with us, but his is quite lucky we found it. With all the rain we have been having lately the wallet and all the contents would have been destroyed. We had walked by the same place we found it not half hour before, so it wasn’t there too long and the first thing we thought to do was to bring it to the Police, best case scenario for the owner.

This morning I was thinking on how you could minimize the damage if you did lose your wallet and I came up with some tips:

1. Minimize, minimize, minimize! A wallet’s weight should not be measured in pounds. Ask yourself two simple questions:

Is everything in your wallet needed every day?

Are the contents used every week?

If the answers to these questions are no, take it out of the wallet. Place all such items together in a safe place outside the wallet. Make it a place that you can reference the selection quickly in the future. Case in point, cards for Dave & Buster’s do not have to stay in the wallet because you don’t go there every day or every week.

2. Make a list of the items you do keep in the wallet. This list should include contact information for the companies you need to contact if your wallet is miss placed. Keep this list handy in a place where you will be able to find it easily if you need to reference it.

3. Always place the wallet in the same place. Have a designated place at home, at work, in your vehicle, at the beach, while working out……

Though your status in life is NOT dictated by what you have in your wallet, it does represent your identity. The last thing you want is for your wallet to fall into the wrong hands.

Photo by Graeme Weatherston @ freedigitalphotos.net