The other side of the lens – Home office for a Professional Photographer

Location: Chesterfield, VA

Type of Project: Home office

Duration: Sage Organizing time; consulting – two hours, shopping – one hour.

Client work time; 2 days on and off for de-construction of the space. 4 days on and off for sorting and editing of contents. 1 1/2 weeks steady building, placing and shifting contents.

“It sure did feel like a long time.  But I guess when you are doing other things in between, like traveling it drags out the process.  But sometimes doing a little a bit at a time helps not make it so daunting. ” says Stephanie.

But she also admits, “It was worth all the effort and I love working in my new space.”

Services Provided: Organizing plan consultation, check-in consultation, and shopping advice.

Special thanks to Stephanie’s Portrait Design for taking all the before and after photos!

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