Clean your email!

Today is “clean out your email” day! I am working on it right now.

Best tip: Hit the “From” button so it is organized by sender. Then start in the middle. Work on the emails you haven’t read yet from each sender and then the older read ones.

Why start in the middle, say at Hanlon? Because you will be less distracted by the amount of emails you have in total. Putting yourself in the middle of the pile right from the get go takes away the opportunity to habitually look behind you to see how far you have gone.

Yes, it is just like jumping into a cold pool verses wading in!

Next Best tip: Set a time limit for yourself, 5 minutes an hour or 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter how you break it up, but it should be short enough that you don’t get bored.

Happy Deleting!