The “Big Picture” Project

Sage Organizing in the future: The “Big Picture” Project.

I see Sage Organizing in the future is to be part of a community that will be the premier source of information and support for small businesses. This community will take a holistic approach to solving challenges by addressing the needs of the mind, body and soul. This information center will encompass professionals from all types of field that work directly with new/small business owners.

It is education meets, spa/retreat meets, community center.


Why I am creating this?

Simply, it was what I needed so disparately when I first started my business. I spent too much time and money searching for answers to my many questions, looking for support and learning about business.

It is also the kind of information and support some of my clients needed before working with me that I cannot supply.

So many “young” business owners have great ideas but they wither because no one cared enough to take the time to nurture the venture. Building a business is not just about dollars and cents but how you are going to support of the mind, body and soul business and the owner.

Why is it important?

As a parent, you would never stick a two-year old on a bike and say, “Have at it! Sink or swim, baby”. But we do this every day in America when we give out business licenses like free samples at Costco.

The Small Business Administration states, “Over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years” and 80% of the businesses in America are small businesses.  

Do you see the disconnect between the importance of small business to our economy and the success rate of those businesses? Business failure of 50% is not only staggering but it is wrong. We are clearly not preparing Americans to be small business owners.  Michael Gerber states in his book, The E-Myth Revisited, “…typical small business owner is only 10 percent entrepreneur, 20 percent manager, and 70 percent technician.” Addressing the need to be a great entrepreneur and manager in your business is just as important as being a master technician.

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