What is your dream?

Today I was reviewing the draft copy of the book I have been writing. It has been a book that I have been working on for over a year now. Well, let me be perfectly honest, I haven’t been actively working on for about six months.

Anyway, I came across one of the many worksheets I have developed called, “Brainstorming Your Dreams”. On this worksheet I ask several questions to spark an idea in the reader’s head on how they think things are going to look like when they are all done setting up their office. (I wrote about this process back in June of last year, here is the link to the post. http://wp.me/pUygC-95 )

What struck me as interesting is what I wrote at the bottom of my copy of the worksheet, “Stephen Covey – Start with the end in mind.” After reading this it I was prompted to write, “It has to work for you, not for anyone else. It shouldn’t look like a magazine spread.” This in turn, prompted me to remember a documentary I recently watched called, “Miss Representation”. The documentary discusses how the media is shaping our views of women in today’s culture.   www.missrepresentation.org

So I have two questions: How is media shaping society’s views of what an organized office should look like? And does that shaped view stop most of us from stepping forward and asking for what is right for us?


Let me make no mistake, (A) isn’t any more real than (B) is.

I can only think of two people I know that have office like photo (A) and both are EXTREMELY unhappy people. (And no, I am not one of them.) I am an advocate for piles and overall balance in every facet of life. I want to have people working to their best potential, not sitting around worrying about if the pen is lying perpendicular to the edge of the desk!

Think about what YOU want, what you need. Then, if you have to, look to the media for inspiration.