What keeps you up at night?

I would love to have your input on a project I am working on. Below is a link to a survey I am taking on the challenges of being a new/small business owner. I am reaching out to my fellow business owners to ask, “What Keeps You Up At Night?”

As an organizer I have discovered that small/new business owners need much more than just a filing system. In some cases I can help. In other cases, even if I could, I shouldn’t because the client’s needs are not always in my field of expertise. I try to direct them to resources I know, but at the end, sometimes it is all too much information.

I really feel that to be a great business owner you have to address the needs of the mind, body and soul. And from my personal experience there is little out there does this in any sense of order. There are so many things “we” business owners have to think and act on, digging through all that is out there shouldn’t be one of them.

The Small Business Administration states, “Over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years.” Um, okay….This is one of the things that keep me up at night. But what is the solution? How can I change that percentage more to the plus side of things? It has really got me thinking. As such, I got myself hooked on this idea of creating a community/campus/retreat for small/new business owners to go to learn and get support for whatever they are challenged with in the moment.

This survey is to provide me with clarity to what is needed most, right now. Once I see what is needed I can then move forward to align myself with experts in those area and start to create a community just for new/small business owners.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out my survey.


PS – If you know another small business owner that would be willing to fill out the survey, please pass along.