Stepping out on someone else’s stage.

It has been a while. No excuses, just didn’t feel like sharing or I didn’t feel like I had anything to share. Please don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been sitting on my thumbs. I have been working on things “back of the house” style. Infrastructure is just as or even more important that pretty window coverings. In organizing terms, I was reworking the systems that support Sage Organizing LLC and I jumped in head first into trying to do the same for Green Lake Institute. But what is going on with GLI is another story and different blog.

Needless to say, I have been spreading myself a little thin, and my results have been just as thin.

But something is changing…call it serendipity, fate or cosmic alignment but things are changing. (Like what you may ask, and my answer starts with the fact I just spelled serendipity correctly without spellcheck!)  The last two months have made up for the previous seven, with connections and reconnection to keep me busy productive.

Take for instant, a business coach blogger I have been following for a couple of years, Joan Friedlander. She coaches independent entrepreneurs who are dealing with or have dealt with health issues and how still run their businesses. I like her because she is down to earth and has personal experience in this realm. I like her even more because as part of the New Economy, she recognizes and supports talented entrepreneurs than my not be seen to fit into the mainstream corporate mindset. (One I wish we could just let go of all together.)

So, a couple of weeks ago Joan asked her community to help her develop her business by taking a short survey. In return she would put your name in the drawing for an opportunity to be featured on her website. Knowing how important input is as a business owner, I felt it was a great way to support a business colleague, than I forgot about it. The survey and the offer were forgotten, buried under thoughts of a Richmond Green Drink event, a new client, two reconnection, 4 networking events, an initial alliance meeting, a blow out personal party and oh yeah, my birthday. And then I get the email from Joan stating I have been one of the people selected to be featured on her website. Deadline to set up something to feature, four days!

I am not afraid to state that I was caught with my proverbial pants down! Really, four days. Lucky I had been working on a survey that my accountability buddy was holding me too earlier in the week. I tweaked it and sent it off to Joan by deadline. It is a special report entitled, “Do You Really Need a Desk?” The special report walks you through discovering if you really need a desk to do business but it also is intended to help you, the business owner, learn what is important to you and what works for you in a working space. The answers to the questions asked may just surprise you.

Even if you are not a business owner, I think it still would be valuable to understand maybe why you love or hate your cubical at work. Check it out on the right side of Joan’s website!