The hardest lesson; Trust.

If there is only one thing I have learned over the last four years it would be that you have to trust yourself. Everything starts with trust. You are the only one who knows what YOU should do. Trust can’t be taught or bought because it is already inside you; it is a main feature of the base model.

My intent with Sage Organizing was not to teach people to get organized. My goal was to help people rediscover the base model organization within their selves, in other words, what worked from them. I took this approach because I believe that things that are taught can be forgotten with shifting priorities and lack of use. Therefore, th only solution that will be sustainable is in the nature of one’s self, one just has to trust y to find it and acknowledge it. But here is the kicker, we are encouraged at a very young age to not listen to the nature of ourselves. We are taught to buy into not trusting ourselves and that people who have come before us have “experience” and know better.

We are expected to put our faith in everyone and everything else BUT ourselves. We are taught to buy disguises that anesthetics us so we can blend in to the scenery. Then we buy and build fortress of stuff so we can hide when the numbness wears off. Until the day you wake up and say, “Shit, I am in deep. I have to clean up my act and change.” And what is the first thing we do, we sit in front of the computer and Google, “How to …..” looking for a quick fix.

We look for answers outside of ourselves before we take note of what we already have inside of us. We are so eager to learn or buy something to make the pain go away instead of tapping into the one thing that we can generate inside of us for free, trust. Ironically, generating trust (noun and verb) in ourselves is the only real way to externally set us free from the problem. By the time we have gotten to this point we have traveled so far down one path it pains us to know we really have start again. Building trust in our selves takes time and we know it. Having trust in ourselves is a habit. It takes time to establish a system, practice the system, modify the system and master the system. It isn’t fast, easy or simple. It just isn’t. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.