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About Christine Hanlon, owner of Sage Organizing:

My formal education is in architecture and interior design, receiving a BFA in Interior Design. My work experience as a project manager comes from working in the fields of architecture, interior design, engineering, office administration and retail. All of these experiences have given me the ability to be flexible in solving problems whether it is in a home or an office.

I see inspiration everywhere. A simple or small thing can catch my eye and I think, “How can I expand it, blow it up and out?” When I see something big or complicated that doesn’t work I think, “How can I cut it down, change it up and build it again so it works once more?”

I love fixing broken things, it makes my clients happy and me happy.

What people are saying:

Dear Christine, thank you for helping me organizing my work space, which will ultimately organize a big part of my brain and add to my quality of life. Your advice was truly priceless.” Mia M.,  Richmond VA

It was worth all the effort and I love working in my new space.” Stephanie, Chesterfield VA

Dear Chris, you are such a good example of so many good qualities and organization is just one of them!  Thank you for your time and energy yesterday.  You were so wonderful to work with and I appreciated your gentle manner. When I arrived in the office this morning, I was delighted!  I’ve been playing catchup so long and although there’s still the same amount of work to get to, I feel like I can tackle it in a reasonable manner!  Thank you for that.” R.J., Richmond VA

My experience with Sage Organizing has been with re-creating my office space in one corner of our large great room, or as I call it, party room.  My hope was to use some of the existing furniture, but to add some additional new items as needed. The method by which Ms Hanlon proceeded has been both clever and productive, and that despite the fact that I live some thousand-plus miles away…. I am very grateful to Ms Hanlon for her assistance, and highly recommend her to others who have problems with organizing or using available space as well as possible, whatever the materials or the part of the home or homestead.” Carolyn, Frederic WI

By the end of the day every piece of paper was in its proper place, a file folder or the trash.  She condensed that wild mountain of papers into a tame box of organized files.  Every statement, the inventory of my possessions and legal documents for the past 5 years, etc. were filed and easily accessible.  Electronic statements were organized on a CD.  Everything was referenced and cross referenced.  Even I could find things!  She did all this and never once made me feel guilty for my lack of organizational skills.  The “hard-wired to organize” Christine made me master of my papers.  I was amazed.  My lawyer’s assistant was amazed and relieved.   My house for the first time since before Christmas was relatively paper free.  I’m a believer!  Thank-you Christine!” Nancy, Richmond VA

Christine has a passion for helping people and organizations make more efficient and effective work and life spaces. She goes beyond the surface to find what is not only functional, but true to your character, culture and needs. She is a person of high integrity, gets great results and is a pleasure to work with.” Win, Chesterfield, VA